reatology is an interdisciplinary science about the creative functions in their any possible respects and parts. This generalized domain and the term Creatology - as the name of the new domain - was first outlined, coined, proposed and introduced by a Hungarian scholar Dr. Istvan Magyari-Beck in his presentation "About the Necessity of Complex Creatology". The presentation was given on the International Sociology of Science Conference in Budapest, September 7-9, 1977. The material of this conference - and among them the article "About the Necessity of Complex Creatology" - was published in 1979, in the book “Sociology of Science and Research”, edited by Janos Farkas, Akadémiai Kiadó, Budapest (the fact that this book contains the papers of the above-mentioned Budapest conference is indicated on p. 4 of the book). The paper of Istvan Magyari-Beck is on the pp.175-182.

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